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What is Gamification?

Simply put, gamification involves taking the elements that makes games really fun and engaging and applying them to other things in life, like managing work performance, or how we learn, or managing our health, reducing speeding on the roads, and so much more!

Formally, we define Gamification as a strategic technique that changes human behavior using “game thinking” in non-game contexts to achieve measurable results in a manner that people generally find highly engaging and fun.

Gamification is set to grow!


According to Research and Markets, the field is set to grow from a market value of $1.5 Billion US Dollars in 2015 to an expected $11 Billion US Dollar industry by 2020.

Everyone is beginning to use it


Gamification is being used by businesses, non-profit organisation, Governments, the education sector (from pre-school to University), and touching virtually every aspect of modern day life, from the miles you run in the morning to the restaurants you have dinner in.

Gamification can be used as a high-tech solution across various platforms, kept low-tech, or use a mix of high and low tech. It uses proven research into human behavior to appeal to users across generations, cultures, and gender. It loves the modern social media landscape and can help you build engaging communities both virtual and real.

If you run an organization or community it is only a matter of time before gamification will become pervasive in your environment. The question is “Are you ready to take advantage of it?”


Our Gamification Consulting Service Offerings:

Gamification Strategy Development and Implementation

We can help you build a comprehensive gamification strategy and support you during piloting and implementation. This is high contact option and we will become a feature of your organization while partnering with you. More…

Gamification Strategy Build

Feel confident to implement but need help with building your gamified experience? We can work with you to build your gamification strategy, and advise you during implementation. This is moderate contact option. More…

Quality Assurance / Gamification Audit

Already a gamified practitioner? Or perhaps even a gamification guru? GREAT! Let us perform a quality assurance function for your gamification build to help you identify any potential blind spots or areas for improvement. Audits generally take between 1 to 3 weeks to complete. Audits are taken under the strictest confidentiality. More…

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