Dissection Lab

Dissection Lab

Completed Dissections:

One of the best ways to learn about gamification is by working through examples. In this section you will find our dissections as we get to complete them. Its important to know that the things being dissected may not necessarily have been gamified by design. Rather we are examining a product, service, or process through a gamification lens. Dissections may not be complete, and are based only on publicly available information.

Click on the image above to discover our first dissection (you will be directed to a Coggle), or, download the pdf version here. In this dissection we examine Google’s Pangolin Love Doodle, which was designed (we think) to increase awareness of this endangered animal. We’d love to tell you more here, but would prefer if you check out the Coggle instead.

More to come

Dissections can take a significant amount of time to complete so please bear with us. If you are a gamification practitioner, and have a completed dissection that you would like to share, please contact us. If we like your dissection, will hang it up here with all the others. P.S. We prefer dissections created using Coggle.



Dissections to do:

Below are a collection of videos that we would like to dissect in the near future. Watch the videos in the meantime to get a feel for what is coming.

The MP3 Experiment Seven

We think this could be a nice dissection with a special focus on player journeys. We are aiming for this to be our next dissection.

Recycling in Taiwan

Can Taiwan’s success in recycling be explained through a gamification lens? We think so. More importantly, can we make this a GAMIFY THE WORLD! project and improve recycling rates across the world? We leave that choice up to you…

More to come

As we find them. But don’t forget, you are welcome to contribute your own dissections!

Gamification Examples:

Examples of gamification in video format are another to expand your horizons about the subject. Once again, some of these examples may not have been gamified by design, but when viewed through a gamification lens, one can understand why these experiences were successful.

Pain Squad

This is a must watch video. See how gamification is used to track pain in children fighting back against cancer. These are the type of gamified experiences closest to our hearts here at GamificationMystic.com and part of the reason we are creating GAMIFY THE WORLD! We offer special rates to non-profit organizations looking to make the world a better place using gamification. Contact us with your problem or opportunity and let’s see if we can co-create a gamified experience with world changing impact.

Believe in Gamification

We found this futuristic example thrilling in terms of potential and simultaneously scary in terms of ethical and moral considerations. At GamificationMystic.com we always build solutions that are ethical. We use the word ‘manipulation’ in our expanded definition, and this is not without reason, as we hope this video demonstrates.

Unlock the 007 in you

Bond: “You expect me talk?”

Goldfinger: “No Mr. Bond, I expect you to [Gamify]”

Explore The Fun Theory website and find plenty of examples of fun driven thinking. Fun for the sake of fun is an important element used in gamification, these videos will help you realize just how easily the mundane can be transformed into smiles and laughter.

DragonBox Algebra

Using game design principles this app teaches kids as young 4 years the basics of algebra.  Check out how the adults fared here. Another example of how games in general can be used to make a positive impact in the world.

More to come

As we find them…


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