The Mis-Adventures of g.A.i.b

Watch g.A.i.b on his infamous adventures!

Episode 1

Meet g.A.i.b, my mischievous little assistant as he tries to get a hold of Pac-Man.

This is an example of story building, character building, and also fun for the sake of fun. I hope you enjoy!

Episode 2

It all depends if g.A.i.b can outrun Pac-Man! And how busy we are with consulting work…


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g.A.i.b’s All Time Favorites:

Simple, classic, fun… Enough said!

While g.A.i.b likes playing Pac – Man, the relationship between the two is still not clear. Have you watched the first episode of the Mis-Adventures of g.A.i.b?

A stunning example of an incremental game. WARNING can be highly addictive to certain player types.

OH IT IS SO FRUSTRATING!! And yet so addictive. Can you figure out why?

Totally cool videos!

You could learn something about gamification from these videos, but we like them for the fun factor!


A simple game that reminds us of the importance of physical and family fun! And the kid is so brilliant!

How to draw

Keep a pen and paper ready and be prepared to impress yourself. We enjoyed this video so much we bought the book and started using the principles.

Draw to Remember

Yes, we really like Graham Shaw.


Fun for sure, but also reminds us that human’s attention should not be misdirected for unethical gain. Be careful when you gamify something that you don’t abuse your player’s focus.

How to learn anything

We are proud to be geeks and continue to seek out ways to help us learn more

More to come

As we find them.


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