Gamification Consultants:

Find below a listing of gamification consultants from around the world. Send me your details if you would like to be listed here as well. We are working on a rating system which will enable clients to rate the consultants featured on this page.

Also known as the Gamification Mystic. The owner of this website. Certified Gamification Practitioner with over ten years of experience in Business Consulting. Contact us for your current or next gamification build. Using another designer? Great! Contact us to run your Quality Assurance.

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Gamification Courses:

I have scavenged a few courses below to help get you started on your journey into the field.

Learn the tools to support gameful learning environments that foster personalized, engaged learning in schools. (NOW ARCHIVED)

There are a number of courses on Udemy. Courses run by Gamification Gurus area usually worth investigating further.

One of the earliest courses in the field designed by guru Kevin Werbach.

A course by guru Janaki Kumar. Designed to give you the confidence and skills to undertake gamification design projects. It contains all you need to know about player-centered design and the skills that enable it.

By guru Yu Kai Chou. Why not explore this FREE course?

I did my level 1 certification and my Level 2 certification with Sententia and GCG (see below). Great courses to get you well on your way into gamification focused on learning and development.

GCG offer up to Level 4 Certification. I did my level 2 (now reformatted as level 3) certification with GCG in collaboration with Sententia Gamification. Worth a look.

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Gamification Gurus:

Find links below to some of the pioneers in our field.

One of my favorites, whose site I visit regularly. Find really great content about all aspects of gamification. Marczewski continues to push the boundaries of both theory and practice.

Another of my favourites. Look for the two videos by her in the resources section of this page where you can learn more about player types and player journey. Her typology on player types ranks right next to Bartle’s seminal work.

Often cited by gamification practitioners even though she has distanced herself from the field. Her work focuses on the use of games in fixing our broken reality. Always worth a look if you gamify applications that affect living life.

A master game designer. His book “The Art of Game Design” should be mandatory reading for any gamification practitioner.

I did my Level 1 and 2 certification with Monica. A guru focused on gamification in the learning and development space.

He has pushed gamification analytics to a new level. Another guru whose website I often visit.

The Gamification Evangelist. Check out his YouTube channel for regular interviews and updates in the field.

The pioneer of gamification in learning and development. If you are interested in the gamification of learning and development, you really need to read his books.

Has a solid understanding of gamification and has authored a series of books that examine gamification from a variety of sources. Worth checking out.

A pioneer of gamification. His online course is still popular after all these years.

Gamification Academic. I really enjoy his work. He provides a great theoretical balance to all the observations made by practitioners. I will read anything authored by him.

Gamification Academic. Another academic whose work I read and enjoy.

Interesting Videos:

A collection of videos related to gamification, game design, interactive design and sometimes just playful in nature

Creating compelling experiences

A must watch video by Amy Jo Kim. Learn about her ideas around player types and player journey. This is gamification 101 video.

The Coop Revolution

A must watch video by Amy Jo Kim filled with practical insight into collaborative game design.

Your brain on video games

Not everything your mother told you about games and your brain  was true. Watch this video to learn about some of the positives of playing games.

The playful wonderland behind great inventions

Steven Johnson in his unique style takes us on fascinating journey of how play lead to innovation. Never underestimate play for the sake of play.

Habit Loops

Nir Eyal presents his habit forming loops in this video. A nice companion to Amy Jo Kim’s videos above.

Your brain on communication

We may speak different languages but the brain understands stories in the same way. If you build gamified experiences across cultures there are a few gems to pick out from this video.

Other Resources:

Any other bits and pieces that I really can’t fit anywhere will probably end up here. These items may be useful to some of you.

In our shop under “tools of the trade” there additional resources available. Some are for purchase, some are for free, others you need to hunt down yourself.

What kind of a MUDder are you? Use this test to help determine what type of player you are according to Bartle. Please do not use this test exclusively when examining player types in real life as you need to understand player psychology alongside player types in order to build a successful gamified experience.

Marczewski’s user type test based on his work on player types. See also all the results so far and get to explore user type analysis as well as application analysis.

This approach is quiet different from ours in certain areas, nonetheless, if you need to provide someone with a quick overview of your gamification experience, a tool like this by Game On! Lab is useful.

More to come

As we find more useful bits and bobs, we will add them here.


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