Find really informative books here on gamification, game design, and other related fields.

In my opinion this book should be mandatory reading for all gamification practitioners. Filled to the brim with author Jesse Schell’s years of experience in game design, there is much for us to learn here about the overall game experience. I reference this book heavily.

Another must read. Although I would recommend this book as a reading following something much simpler such as “For the Win”. Yu Kai Chou’s work spurred my interest into gamification analytics.

A nice starter read. You can learn all the basics about gamification from this book.

Yet another must read by one of my favorite gurus. This one has a good mix of theory, practice, and musings.

This book by Werbach and Hunter has become a classic in our field. It is a very good, easy to read starter book covering all the essentials.

A companion read to For The Win. A few good pointers here and there.

Tools of the Trade:

Gamification is both a science and an art. Though not essential, using these tools can help to speed up aspects of a gamification build. Please let me know if you come across other useful or interesting tools, if it proves effective, I will add it here. Some of the software listed below have free options. Some items below you can purchase via our 3rd party vendor, others you will need to hunt for.

A very useful source of inspiration for developing a narrative. Can be used to create a theme or give a character a super power or create a subplot or or or… I sometimes use these to create a little chaos/randomness in a player journey.


You will needs tons of this. Color pens, color pencils, permanent markers, whiteboard markers, whiteboards, flip-charts, drawing pins, rolls of paper, multi-color labels, and anything else that you can think of to help create a colorful, easy to identify, and easy to manipulate player journey. Even though you will probably end up making everything digital, most of the time our creative process starts with these tools. We suggest making friends with your local stationer!

Ah Trello! One those tools that I wonder how I lived without. Use this online, collaborative tool along with all its power-ups (looks like Trello like game mechanics too!) for an major productivity boost. Their Tacos also provide useful productivity insights.

This is a wonderful brainstorming (or brain mapping if you prefer) tool. We use this tool in our dissection lab in order to break down complex information into an easy to digest visual format.

A useful tool to manage your gamification implementation plan. With e-mail tracking enabled you can get real time updates delivered. Asana will definitely be valuable to you if you are working on large scale, detail filled projects.

Sticky Notes

Yes, they do belong with all your other stationery, but we go through so much of these that we are thinking of starting a “Sticky-Note Anonymous” self-help group… Trello has reduced our dependency on these… somewhat.


Things like Lego blocks, play-dough, buttons, stickers, etc. should always be kept alongside your stationery to help you rapidly prototype “play devices” that have the potential to enhance your gamification build.

Card Decks

Card decks of mechanic and dynamics are useful to use when building player journeys. We hope to eventually create card decks for our mechanics and dynamics and maybe a couple other game elements too. There are already a few mechanics decks available “out there” but this is one of those few things we think you should hunt down yourself until we are ready with ours.

More to come

As our field grows so do the tools.  As we find more tools we will list them here. Please contact us if you find any tools useful for gamification, if they prove effective we will list it here.


Playing games is both fun and a necessary part of our education. Playing games helps to sharpen your game design sense and this will in time translate to you applying more creative mechanics and dynamics in your gamification builds. Play these game, play other games, make your own games.

The classic game built for killer player types.


A childhood (and adulthood) favorite of mine.

Having been beaten convincingly by a 12 year old, we are playing this game often to regain a few shreds of bragging rights!

A stress slashing game. Useful when working on that gamification implementation plan.

A simple, addictive strategy game. Useful when taking a break from your gamification design document.

Continuing Education

As we continue our, er, education, we will fiddle with this section of the website.


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